Claire Petitmengin

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= cognitive researcher, phenomenologist, buddhist scholar, Institut Télécom, Evry (Paris),



"My current research is in pre-reflective subjective experience and in the methods enabling individuals to become aware of and describe the dynamics of this experience. I am interested in the epistemological consequences of this approach, and in its educational, therapeutic, artistic and technological applications. I also study the process of mutual enrichment of "first person" descriptions and "third person" data (i.e. data that are collected by an external observer or experimenter), notably in the context of "neuro-phenomenological" projects." (


  • book: Ten Years of Viewing from Within. The Legacy of Francisco Varela. Exeter, Imprint Academic, 2009.[1]
  • Michel Bitbol, Claire Petitmengin, "On life beneath the subject/object duality – Reply to Steiner", Journal of Consciousness Studies 18 (2011), n° 2, pp. 125-127.
  • Claire Petitmengin, "Is the "Core Sef" a Construct?", Constructivist Foundations 8/2 (2011), pp. 270-274.

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