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"Kevin Carson is an individualist anarchist. He is a research associate at Center for a Stateless Society. <>

His 2010 book is The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low-Overhead Manifesto. ISBN: 9781439266991

2016 book: The Desktop Regulatory State. [1]]

An application of Tom Coates' general rule -- that the gap between the quality of work that can be produced at home and what is produced at the office is disappearing -- to regulatory state functions. Super-empowered individuals, thanks to network organization and free platforms, can take on powerful institutions in ways that previously required the countervailing power of other large, hierarchical institutions. In particular, the use of "open mouth sabotage" and culture-jamming to combat corporate malfeasance, and the use of those same techniques for a networked resistance/asymmetric warfare model of labor organization.

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