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  1. Impulsive Furnishing Unit
  2. Open Desk
  3. Mmodulus


open source building, housing, furniture projects:

  1. AtFab Digitally Manufactured Furniture
  2. Auram CEB Block System] developed at Auroville India: This is the most advanced CEB block system in existence. Sort-of open in that they claim the technology is offered free to the world to use, but don't publish exact plans for anything
  3. Backcountry Boiler - kickstarter supported long tail manufacturing of an ultralight outdoor kettle
  4. Contraptor: aiming to create an open-design construction set,
  5. DIY Magic Mirror - An Arduino, open source based interactive Magic Mirror with home automation and Halloween features.
  6. Fragment Store]: modular self-combined fragments of design furniture
  7. Freebus - an Open Source Home Automation System
  8. Good Stove, open source stove for the poor
  9. Grid Beam Building System, reuseable parts for building
  10. Hexayurt, an open source disaster relief shelter
  11. Ikea Hacker Do it yourself blog on the base of corporate products
  12. KNX@Home is an open source free building control server for everybody whose house has got an integrated KNX/EIB-Bus.
  13. Liberator, aka "Open Farm Tech's Liberator Compressed Earth Block machine; [1]
  14. Makerbeam
  15. MIT House-n 'chassis' system
  16. Movisi Open Design Furniture
  17. [ One Day Chair: Chair design for a CNC cutter
  18. Open Architecture Network
  19. Open Desk is a collection of simple furniture, designed to be cut by a CNC machine
  20. Open Remote, an Open Domotics community
  21. Open Sailing: modular marine architecture
  22. Open Structures Project; and other Open Source Construction Systems
  23. Open Source Geopolymer Cast Stone Construction; eopolymer House blog [2]
  24. Open Source Cooling: KippKitts is designing open-source low-voltage (24V), high-efficiency (@2A) DC cooling units (air-conditioner/cpu cooler/refigeration) [3]
  25. Open Source House: 2 project; most recent is here
  26. Open Source Induction Furnace Project
  27. Open Source Washing Machine OSWASH
  28. Open Straw is an Open Source Prefab Strawbale House that can be built for $7k [4]
  29. SketchChair is a free, open-source software tool that allows anyone to easily design and build their own digitally fabricated furniture.
  30. WikiHouse: fabricated from locally sourced plywood cut on a CNC mill from openly shared template files, and assembled with minimal skill by local people.

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