Open Source Induction Furnace Project

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"This project involves the design of: a high-power induction furnace circuit (between 20 and 50 kW), and the melting chamber proper. Well, we could buy a turnkey system perhaps for $5k total used, and run it from the LifeTrac generator. The only disadvantage to this route is that if it breaks we’re dead-in-the-water – either with the impossibility of fixing closed-source technology, or a high repair bill. A single component which blows and is inaccessible for fixing could in principle turn a working power supply into worthless junk. Thus, it is worthwhile to tame this technology by open-sourcing the design. [edit]Goals The furnace should have the following characteristics: Induction furnace or any other technology that can do this within a budget of 20 kW of electric input, with minimal pollution Suitable for melting all metals and alloying 300 lb per hour steel melting furnace for casting 240 v ac, 20 kW power source available." (

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