Grid Beam Building System

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= better building through logical thinking and reuseable parts



Grid Beam is a reusable structural system that allows you to dream-up and build complex projects faster than any other construction technology.

"As your stash of Grid beam and compatible parts and grows, so does your construction capabilities. Now lets imagine a few hundred Gridbeamers making components and custom parts that that are all interchangeable.
This means, the more people we can get to build with Grid beam for their special projects, the more applications and custom components they will be creating. If their project turns into a product and they create a demand for it, they can sell those custom parts to other Gridbeamers to use. The more people who use Grid beam and the more they mix and match everyone’s components for their special projects, the more powerful the whole system becomes. And since it’s all open source no single person or company can control it!"