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= Open Source Construction Systems (an effort to produce an open source building system, in the spirit of Lego and Meccano). :


MakerBeam is a "modular construction system based on very simple rules. These are not based on a hole-pattern, but use T-slot aluminium profiles." [1]


"MakerBeam is a project to build a toy and tool for the open source imagination. Based on Mini-T, a new open source standard, MakerBeam will develop a construction toy for our times: open source precision hardware equally at home doing desktop fabrication or serving as a drawbridged castle for action figures. The fully developed MakerBeam line of connectors will make for an unsurpassed builder's toy and maker kit. Connectors, pivots, hinges, pulleys, cables, wheels, slot-in PCBs, and ALL of it open source, with the models published under Creative Commons licenses."


Suresh Fernando:

"The product is very much WYSIWYG, with few opportunities for disappointment. Already sold and delivered the first batch of mini-T slot to tens of customers (?). For development roadmap, can rely on industrial T-slot." (February 2010)

More Information

  1. More information via Sam Putman, [email protected]
  2. Product Hacking
  3. Open Modular Hardware