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= “OpenDesk is a collection of simple furniture, designed to be cut by a CNC machine. Download and print it yourself or have it made for you by a local maker". - Joni Steiner OpenDesk Designer & Co-Founder



"OpenDesk uses digital fabrication to connect you directly with designers and makers. OpenDesk is a global platform for local making. You can use it to download, make and buy furniture for your work space." (




"The OpenDesk team selects designers that participate in the official design catalogue. Community members can publish their designs in a community section."


Designs can be downloaded for non-commercial use.

Business Model

Revenue models:

Opendesk is an online platform connecting customers, makers and designers.

When customers buy an Opendesk product directly from a registered maker they pay the sum of:

1. manufacturing cost: fabrication, finishing and any other costs as set by the maker (excluding any services like delivery or on-site assembly);

2. design fee: as 8% percent of the manufacturing cost;

3. platform fee: as 12% percent of the manufacturing cost (OpenDesk);

4. channel fee: as 18% percent of the manufacturing cost (OpenDesk).

Designers who participate sell under your their name and brand and — within the structure of the OpenDesk business model — set their own pricing for commercial and non-commercial use, choose license terms and retain all the rights to their work, including the right to sell anywhere else. Professional makers with access to a CNC workshop, when joining the platform, are granted a commercial license to make Opendesks. Modes of production Designs are contributed by the participating designers; local makers produce the desired furniture inhouse in a nearby makerspace or professional fabrication lab."


Governance models

• The project is owned by Fabbed Ltd traded as OpenDesk. • The project as such is not replicable but can be used as an inspiration.


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