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"The open source washing machine project aims to rethink the way we wash clothes around the world...

The idea of a DIY electronic washing machine using recycling parts and Open source microcontroller was born in spring 2008 during an Open Source Hardware workshop for artists in Craslab Paris."


OSWASH | Open Source Washing Machine Project


A four day workshop this july (14-15-16-17) at the Summercamp Electrified in Ghent (Belgium) where we'll be rethinking, designing and developing open source washing machines.

Using recycled parts and sustainable energy we'll be building working washing machine prototypes.

Workshop by Jean-Noël Montagné. French artist and activist born in 1963. Creates interactive installations with sensing technologies since 1991. Last installation: “Je te parlerai dans un reflet de lumière”, 2006/2007, an interactive installation on the subject of the walls for separating rich and poor. Founder of the non-profit NGO “Art Sensitif ” related to relations between art and science for interactive art. Founder and director of CRAS ressource center for interactive technologies in Paris-Saint Ouen."

More info via [email protected]