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A personal category by Michel Bauwens, so this section is exceptionally not limited to p2p/commons topics, but is part of the context of the creation of the P2P Foundation, by given access to the sources which contributed to P2P Theory. When I read books, I take notes in written diaries. I started doing this more or less in 2002 and read, way to slowly nowadays, about 10-12 books a year. I also take bibliographic notes when authors and books are mentioned. This is a record of these reading notes, starting with my first diary in 2003. These booknotes are NOT meant to be high-flying intellectual critiques. The notes were just notes to myself, as a reminder of what I have read. Early on, I would write my notes after reading them, so they are short overviews. As time went on, I would start writing all the things I learned in a particular book, in more detail. So these notes will start getting longer as I proceed with the transcriptions. I expect to input at least around 500 books, and will hopefully finish by the end of 2022. Notes may included long-ish essays and special issues of magazines and journals as well.

Here are 2 bibliographies that are of special interest to p2p/commons issues:


  • First notebook, 2002-early 2004: 65 notices; done April 10, 2021
  • Second notebook: 2004, started May 21, 2021
  • Third notebook, Dec 2004; done August 18, 2021
  • Fourth notebook, spring 2005- 2006; done December 11, 2021
  • Fifth notebook; started December 12, 2021


Articles, Magazines, Special Issues

  • Antaios: this was a French-language neo-pagan magazine, oriented towards the political right, but interesting for its serious attention to non-monotheistic traditions and their contemporary value. Treats lots of specialized mythological themes.
  • End of Meaning: we can't create meaning, we fall into it, but modernity has superseded the meaning modes of magic, myth and world religions, so how do we produce meaning after this ? This great essay is also a critique of the 'personalist' turn of Jung and his tradition.
  • Multitudes magazine is a French-language left magazine that represents the thoughts of the school of Cognitive Capitalism, interested in the thoughts of Deleuze, Guattari, Foucault and many others. I read the first 25 issues quite systematically. Individual notices on these special issues are listed below separately.
  • Will God Survive the 21st Century ; Future of God: what happens to God and spirituality after the 'death of God'. An evolutionary interpretation of spiritualy, consciousness and the human capacity for Enlightenment, through two excellent issues of 'What Is Enlightenment?'.

From Multitudes magazine

  1. Multitudes 1 on Biopolitics
  2. Multitudes 2 on the New Political Economy
  3. Multitudes 3 on Europe and Empire
  4. Multitudes 4 on the New Spirit of Capitalism
  5. Multitudes 7 on the Impact of the Alterglobalisation Moment in Genua and New York's 9/11
  6. Multitudes 8 on the Universal Allowance
  7. Multitudes 9 on the Concept of the Multitude
  8. Multitudes 10 on Development
  9. Multitudes 11 on Networked Power and Permanent Warfare
  10. Multitudes 11 on Social Movements
  11. Multitudes 13 on the Empire and Japan
  12. Multitudes 14 on the US-Europe Rift
  13. Multitudes 15 on Andre Gorz and Cognitive Capitalism
  14. Multitudes 15 on the Role of the Corporation Under Cognitive Capitalism
  15. Multitudes 17 on the New Engagement-Based Work Culture



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