Flows, Networks, and Territories

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* Article: - Stefano Boeri, «Flux et réseaux, les derniers avatars de la modernité classique», 2004,

URL : http://www.modernite2004.org/rv/actes/1/

Previous URL no longer available, but discussed by Ulrike Uhlig, in French, at https://curlybracket.net/assets/files/Ulrike_Uhlig_Dechiffrer_la_realite_a-critique-anticapitaliste-dans-lart-contemporain_Cartes-et-diagrammes%E2%80%93atlas-dun-monde-sans-mode-demploi_2006.pdf, p. 20-21


From the reading notes of Michel Bauwens, 2006:

The essay is a warning against a too facile 'network discourse', which sees the world as flux and locality as disappearing. In fact , our world is just as much one of closures (such as the Mediterranean, seen as protecting a 'Fortress Europe'), with heavily regulated 'tunnels' which do not communicate with each other. Thus multiple frontiers - though they do not necessarily correspond to the old nation-states - are just as constitutive of the current phase of modernity.