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Material related to networks but also related fields such as complexity, cybernetic systems, etc ...

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"Noise, then, is not a menace to order, but a rich background of random associations that provide open potentialities for novelty. Rigid crystallization locks a system into one form in which change is not possible; it can only repeat itself ad infinitum, ad nauseam. The mother-daughter pair will clone themselves forever in an eternal steady state ... but the appearance of the deadly and dying male disrupts all that through the introduction of loss and noise. A chaotic system in which noise draws a system from one basin of attraction to another is, however, a more complex system in which evolution and novel emergent states become possible. In the case of the spirochete, we encounter the most basic distinction of dividing the one into two by halving."

- William Irwin Thompson [1]

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* Vitalik Buterin, creator of Ethereum, describes the difference between decentralization and distribution, distinguishing how it is applied logically, architecturally, and politically:

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