Participatory Storytelling

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* Article: Deuze, M. (2005). Towards professional participatory storytelling in journalism and advertising. __First Monday__, __10__(7). [1]



From the reading notes of Michel Bauwens (2005):

Some crucial facts (2005):

   - The average CNN watcher is 60
   - The average age of a Dutch newspaper reader is 50
   - Only 11% of US 18-24 year olds list news as a major reason for going online

There is therefore a, "long-term decline in news consumption .. set to disappear in 20-40 years. There is general distrust in media products. Journalists must become bottom-up faciliators rather than top-down storytellers."

"The closed and proprietary media business models of the past will give way to open models that facilitate transactions in which consumers create, edit, share and distribute content.'

Journalism must engage with their audience as fellow citizens rather than as potential customers.

Advertising is facing a similar disappearance of its audience.

Both jobs consisted in telling audiences 'what they should know', as citizens and consumers respectively.

The gaming industry has been one of the pioneers of a 'interactive industrial model based on a partnership with customers'.