Constitution of Intermittent Labor

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* Article: La constitution intermittente de l'activité. Pascal Nicolas-Le Strat. Multitudes 2004/3 (no 17), pages 31 to 42


English: The Intermittent Constitution of Activity. Pascal Nicolas-le Strat]([1])


From the Reading Notes of Michel Bauwens, 2004:

Context: France has been rocked by various strikes and occupations by intermittent cultural workers, who want to protect their specific social insurance agreements, which allow them to be paid between artistic projects

This movement shows that art/culture, social work and social science research are marked by non-permanent jobs, whose worker have jobs 'intermittently'. These jobs are mostly precarious, but also are the result of conscious choice, adapted to social needs for regular renewal. The movement has shown that 'non-physically close' workers could be united around innovative action networks. This movement was also 'constituent' in that it created new proposals, which demands transcending the current social order. These agents understood that blocking the 'economy of the spectacle' affected the cultural reproduction of the images that cities want to project.