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This was originally aimed to be a subcategory for the Design section, but was not maintained or developed.


To fill this new subcategory proposed by Franz Nahrada, the items indexed in our Product_Hacking directory, should receive an added category tag "Products_and_Projects_based_on_Open_Design". In the meantime, please refer to that directory page.

Here is the subcategory of projects that are not based on computers and electronics, updated until June 2008:

Agriculture, Development and Sustainability

  1. Build-It-Solar - Plans and tools nd nformation to do renewable energy and conservation projects.
  2. Concentrated Solar Power Open Source Initiative
  3. SHPEGS Open Energy Project
  4. SolaRoof, open design of solar energy for households

Building and Housing, Furniture

  1. Grid Beam Building System, reuseable parts for building
  2. Hexayurt, an open source disaster relief shelter
  3. Open Architecture Network
  4. Ikea Hacker Do it yourself blog on the base of corporate products
  5. Movisi Open Design Furniture

Fashion, Leisure and Learning

  1. The Open Source Embroidery project
  2. Open Source Sewing Patterns such as Burdastyle
  3. Pamoyo, open source green fashion label
  4. Lego Factory, design your own kits, in the corporate framework
  5. LugNet, design your own Lego kits, outside the corporate framework
  6. [Pret a Printer], TShirt Designs by Taskforge

Food, Drinks

  1. CandyFab Project, do it yourself sugar printer
  2. Open Cola
  3. Wine Hacking


  1. Open EEG
  2. Open Source Pharma (speculation)
  3. OpenStim: The Open Noninvasive Brain Stimulator
  4. Open Prosthetics Project
  5. Whirlwind Wheelchair International

Mobility: Vehicles

  1. C,mm,n [1], Dutch Open Source Car project
  2. EVProduction club ([2]) is an organization with a wiki to design and produce open source electric vehicles and complements
  3. LifeTrac, tractor, also called OSTrac
  4. Open Source Green Vehicle, an attempt to design an environmental friendly SUV using open source principles.
  5. Open Source Scooter, a project to make a Segway-type vehicle
  6. Open Source Velomobile Development Project
  7. OSCar
  8. OSCav : open source compressed air vehicle.
  9. OSMC - An open source Motor Control project, meant primarily for robotics but applicable to low-power electric vehicles and other uses
  10. Transportable Infrastructures for Development and Emergency Support: 7 critical infrastructures
  11. Worldbike


  1. Multimachine, all-purpose machine tool, an example of Multiple-Purpose Production Technology
  2. Ronen Kadushin Open Design - a practical repository of physical shape algorithms