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= to transform our homes, building a Solar Greenhouse in the backyard or creating new Garden Home concepts and Eco Village or urban Eco Habitat design through an Open Source initiative for Sustainable Living




"The Sola Roof Goal is to transform our homes and communities through an Open Source initiative for Sustainable Living sponsored by and based on the work of Richard Nelson and other pioneers of the Liquid Bubble Insulation and Liquid Solar technologies.

The reader must note well that Sola Roof is at a very early stage of development with no true scientific data to support the claims that are advanced here by inventors and practitioners. Our results to date include several operational field units that show promising potential and we encourage the scientific and university based students and researchers to collaborate with our DIY community. Government program administrators should understand that this project is deserving of support for all proposals that may originate from those using the information from this website and that this community and it's members would cooperate with government initiatives to fund serious scientific investigations and studies of any kind.

Together, we will build a knowledge base and share our experience with real world projects. This Sola Roof Wiki will provide a means to collaborate, build relationships, find support for personal change and an opportunity for business networking as we use the Blue Green concepts for transparent roof systems to create ecological, "living structures" which provide comfortable, efficient and sustainable shelters for people, plants, and livestock.

In this Wiki, you will find sections where we are developing our Sola Roof Community; the Sola Roof Tech area for DIY plans for Do-It-Yourself construction; the ideas and concepts of the non exploitive Gift Economy, and a burgeoning Open Eco Community in which to participate, learn, and share your knowledge."


"Sola Roof DIY is the Open Source movement to enable people everywhere to build solar greenhouses that produce abundant food, water and energy in all climates, providing secure food from the backyard.

In the industrialized countries, where families are ever more dependent on ever less secure food supplies from great distance and where many consumers wish to be more self-reliant, the DIY Food Campaign is a backyard movement for "grow your own food". In developing countries that are specially challenged by Climate Change, DIY Food is a humanitarian initiative to plant the seed of sustainable, self-reliant living and support green growth that is a foundation for building resilient and prosperous families and communities.

Inventor, Richard Nelson has established Sola Roof as an Open Source collaborative community more than a decade ago. Under our Creative Commons Public License, the Sola Roof is FREE for non-commercial use - including DIY, education, research and humanitarian - and commercial users are asked to Pay It Forward by contribution to the DIY Food Campaign and humanitarian DIY Food projects for local, sustainable and nutritious fresh food.


1. Inspire individual action and family projects to build DIY Food projects all around the world.

2. Support collaboration and sharing of experience and best practices by DI Yers as the global community is adopted in various cultures and climates.

3. Encourage local action and cooperation among the user community and the growth of aSocial Enterprise Network (SE Net) formed by members who educate and train and provide services and technical support, and supporting sales the DIY Kit greenhouse produced by the Sola Roof Coop.

4. Collective action by members to establish Open Manufacturing, which is transparently organized by the Sola Roof Coop that empowers our membership to access to key components direct from wholesale manufacturers." (



1. Establish 350 operational DIY Food sites that will participate in a global 11th Hour awareness event on 11.11.11

2. Viral growth of a global Sola Roof DIY community using Open Source information and transformational social networks.

3. Establish the first activity of the SE Net by forming cooperative clusters of the COOP Enterprise Members

4. Establish the first business activity of Sola Roof Coop for manufacture of key components of a DIY Kit for backyard greenhouse projects and larger family farm and community based DIY Food." (

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