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"Berlin-based Pamoyo was founded in 2007 by designers Frans Prins and Cecilia Palmer to create a fashion label with green vision and creative edge.

So that's Pamoyo's green side, which is admirable even if not totally unique. What really sets the label apart is that all its designs are published under the Creative Commons license for non-commercial use--a first, if the company's blog is to be believed. Other designers and artists are invited to enrich the label with their own creations, and Pamoyo pledges to ensure the high-quality and sustainable production of every product made under its name. The company is currently preparing designs and patterns for download from the Pamoyo site, and ultimately it aims to make it possible for customers to share their own creations and patterns as well. Palmer explains:”We don’t make designs to protect them, but to spread. The designs and patterns can be found on our website, and anyone can share it and use it. In this way, someone can take an idea or design and build on it. We want to make it possible to build upon each other’s work in such a thing as fashion design, and we’re planning to make a community platform out of that.” (