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= an open source framework for the collaborative development of safe, beneficial Artificial General Intelligence at the human level and ultimately beyond.

= OpenCog, a Artificial General Intelligence project



"The Open Cognition Framework (OpenCog) provides research scientists and software developers with a common platform to build and share artificial intelligence programs. The OpenCog Framework framework includes:

       * a flexible and highly optimized in-memory database for knowledge representation,
       * a plug-in architecture for cognitive algorithms and a cognitive process scheduler,
       * a built-in LISP-like programming language, and
       * other components to support artificial intelligence research and development. 

OpenCog borrows development philosophies from many FOSS projects, including Linux and Python and will maintain a highly-inclusive approach to contributions, encouraging a liberal variety of new and replacement components and cognitive architectures, while at the same time enforcing principles of code quality and software architecture consistency. OpenCog projects are released under OSI-approved free software licenses, typically AGPL and Apache2." (

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