Artificial General Intelligence

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"The term AGI is meant to distinguish itself from tradition AI or narrow AI, of the preprogrammed and austere variety. Cruise control and chess playing software are examples of narrow AI. The goal of General AI is to create a thinking machine, one that can understand patterns in the world and in itself, while learning and acting accordingly. Ben Goertzel's et al. work in the company, Novamente, has shown progress toward this goal, teaching virtual pets in Second Life to play fetch using observation and other learning techniques. Goertzel's work is currently at the infantile stage, described as an autonomous agent with simple associations between words and objects, actions and images, and the basic notions of time, space, and causality.[2] Once AGI is at the intellectual level of a Da Vinci or Einstein and beyond it can then be taught and learn virtually anything a human can more effectively and accurately than a human ever could. To say that AGI, once developed, could teach others a thing or two, may be a significant understatement. Of recent, this discipline has displayed more substantial involvement. The first conference on Artificial General Intelligence attracted over a hundred developers, presenters, and enthusiasts to discuss the many aspects of the field—a strong signifier of what is to come. In an interview with Ben Goertzel at a Singularity Institute conference, it was mentioned that an AGI could be produced in as little as five years, given that a concerted effort is made." (

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