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= OpenTrons: Open-Source Rapid Prototyping for Biology: Accelerating research with open, affordable, & easy-to-use lab robots. We empower people to innovate with biotech.


"Robots for Biologists"



"The OT-One is a low-cost personal pipetting robot (between 3.000 USD and 4.000 USD). It has a protocol library to use tested and shared protocols to get the same results every time. It is an open and modular build." (




"Previously the protocols were being shared through a seperate website,, which is now deprecated and merged into the main OpenTrons website. The Protocol Library is a community generated repository of commonly used protocols, including PCR, transformations, dilutions, and gene editing. Download a protocol to run in the OT App.

Then there is the Opentrons API: a simple framework designed to make writing automated biology lab protocols easy."


The hardware designs are published under the Apache 2.0 License in their github repository: The software for the app, the website – including the ptotocol library – and the API are also under the Apache 2.0 License." (

Business Model


"Revenue models

• Selling of the robots and accessories through their webshop. • Contract research to design custom protocols. • Training, consultancy.

Modes of production

The hardware design builds on top of the progress made in the Open Source Hardware community, in particular the RepRap community. It is further designed inhouse and manufactured in Shenzen (China)."


Governance models


• "The company has received Venture Capital from Y Combinator, SOSV, Khosla Ventures and Fifty Ventures."



• The team consists of 13 people. (June 2017)



"Biologists today spend too much time moving around tiny amounts of liquid by hand. Micropipetting is a repetitive, error-prone, time consuming task, and it is slowing down research. The OT.One does pipetting for you so you can focus on moving your project forward. Lower your error rate, free up your time, accelerate your research.

Together with Synbiota, we put together a kit that lets you run the "hello world" of synthetic biology -- assemble a DNA design from modular genetic blocks, and boot it up in a bacteria to make it glow red under a blacklight!

The Synbiota kit includes four Genomikon DNA Blocks: an Anchor, a Linker, a red florescent protein gene copied from pink choral, and a Cap that completes the plasmid.

The kit also includes a standard p200 micropipette, and the OT.MagWash DNA assembly station (video above). You can assemble the DNA either by hand or with an OT.One!"

More Information

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