Jacob Shiach on Open Science and Citizen Science

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"What is open science? What is citizen science? In episode 5, we explore these questions along with our guests, Jacob Shiach, Editor of Citizen Science Quarterly, and Joseph Jackson, Curator of Open Science Summit.


This weekend, open science advocates from around the world gathered for the 2nd annual Open Science Summit at the iconic Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA (home of Google, 23andMe, and the garage biotech lab that inspired BioCurious).

We were able to steal away the Summit’s creator, Joseph Jackson, for long enough to hear his motivation for doing the Summit and why Open Science matters. At the end of the summit (and at the end of the podcast), he announced his next, big thing: the launch of http://opensciencealliance.com

Also in town for the Summit was Jacob Shiach, whose life changed during the first Open Science Summit. His first science conference, the Summit gave him access to scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs – all passionate about the notion of open, connected science. This experience led him to create Citizen Science Quarterly, the first print magazine for the movement. Jacob also started the Arc Research Collaborative, a community biolab in Houston, TX, where he teaches classes on bioinformatics and molecular techniques, and dreams up his next big projects, including a think tank.

We leave you with Garage Bio’s new favorite book, Reinventing Discovery: The New Era of Networked Science, by Michael Nielson. According to the author, “The book is about networked science: the use of online tools to transform the way science is done….networked science has the potential to dramatically speed up the rate of scientific discovery, not just in one field, but across all of science. Furthermore, it won’t just speed up discovery, but will actually amplify our collective intelligence, expanding the range of scientific problems which can be attacked at all.” What a beautiful thought. Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think of it, and the podcast, by writing [email protected]" (http://garagebio.org/2011/10/citizen-science-quarterly-and-open-science-summit-ep5/)