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Jacob Shiach:

"So why a magazine? Well, I became aware of Citizen Science this past spring when I found out about DIYbio (a biology based citizen science group). Being a part of this group has pushed me to learn far more than I could on my own, it has sparked countless projects and ideas and even gave me a reason to visit Berkeley (i.e. OpenScienceSummit). So it’s because of what Citizen Science has done for me that I would like to share that with as many people as I can. An online magazine is a good start but print still has value as a medium of distribution. For example, I would never go to and yet in a dentists office with that as my only option, I’ll read through the entire thing. The same would hold true for an online citizen science magazine, it is unlikely you would ever find it unless you chanced upon it via google or were already involved and active in a citizen science project. Print allows us to reach an audience not as easily reachable through online means." (