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= key organizer of the Open Science Summit.


"Joseph P. Jackson III is a philosopher, entrepreneur, activist, and organizer in the Open Science Movement. His goal is to assist the emergence of a new political-economic paradigm that enables sustainable prosperity for all based on distributed, decentralized, appropriate technologies, fully hackable and modifiable to suit the needs of users. He is the CEO of LavaAmp Inc. and the co-founder of BioCurious, a novel community lab effort in the Bay Area.

A graduate of Harvard College AB (Government 2004) and the London School of Economics Msc (Philosophy of Science 2005), he has been studying Open Source and user innovation as a subset of the emerging political and economic phenomenon of Peer Production (P2P), since the “Napster Revolution” of 2000. Working at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, he analyzed these themes in the context of Digital Media, before moving to Australia as a visiting academic to observe the workings of a non-profit research institute attempting to pioneer Open Source principles in bio-agriculture. He now leads the Network for Open Scientific Innovation, a 501(c)3 organization and distributed think tank with partners in Brazil and Australia, coordinating a variety of research seeking to promote the emergence of Open Source models in the life sciences."