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= NOSI seeks to bring together experts from multiple disciplines to develop and analyse licences that comply with open source and other sharing principles for use in the life sciences.



"The intent of the Network for Open Scientific Innovation is to create an international team of experts from multiple disciplines who can develop and analyze licenses for compliance with open source and other sharing principles for use in the life sciences. As a 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization, the Network coordinates projects with its global partner organizations, including, the first “node” of the network, based in Brazil. We conduct research in several related fields, examining alternative funding mechanisms such as Prize Funds, determining the merits of Patent Pools for certain technologies, and brainstorming new Open Source inspired business models for various life science sectors. We also monitor the growing “Open Science” movement, keeping track of organizations springing up around the world working on aspects ranging from publication, to data sharing, to research on neglected diseases. Our “think tank” has no agenda other than the effective use of biotechnology to further humanitarian goals. As the Network expands its capacity, it will use its “nodal” system to offer consultation for “open source” style technology development and management at every stage (from deciding how to best use intellectual property to preserve freedom to operate, to advising on a choice of commercialization strategies that assure maximum penetration of the innovation in question). By leveraging the tremendous creativity present in the developing world, and by working to reform the structural failings in the global political economy of innovation, the Network will greatly accelerate the pace of technological development, smashing through “bottlenecks,” both legal, and economic, that are preventing humanity from enjoying the benefits of world changing advances in areas such as stem cell based regenerative medicine and gene therapy.

About the Logo: The Hammer and Helix was created as a symbol for the fictional ideology of “infosocialism” from the role playing game Transhuman Space. Because one of us is a futurist and transhumanist, we have adopted it. Many thanks to the designer Nelson Cunnington.

Our interpretation is as follows: In the knowledge economy ideas and technical know-how, together with research tools, are the means of production and drivers of prosperity. Everyone deserves a share of ownership in these means, as they are built upon our shared knowledge commons. The green background represents life, biotechnology, the coming technological “revolution” in the life sciences that can change the way we feed, fuel, and heal the world. For the first time in history, there can be a bloodless revolution, a design science revolution. Instead of the disadvantaged many reaching up to pull down the advantaged few, all can be elevated to a level of well-being and freedom that has never before been experienced by even the most privileged King or Queen of ages past. Such is the power and promise of technology freedom, our option for 100% world-around physical and economic success." (