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Identity 2.0 = project for a global Digital Identity infrastructure, i.e. a Identity Commons


"Identity 2.0 is all about users controlling their own profile data and becoming their own agents. This way the users themselves, rather than other intermediaries, will profit from their ID info. Once developers start offering single sign-on to their users, and users have trusted places to store their data—which respect the limits and provide access controls over that data, users will be able to access personalized services which will understand and use their personal data.

Identity 2.0 may seem like some geeky, visionary future standard that isn't defined yet, but by putting each user's digital identity at the core of all their online experiences, Identity 2.0 is becoming the cornerstone of the new open web.

The Initiatives: Right now, Identity 2.0 is under construction through various efforts from Microsoft (the "InfoCard" component built into the Vista operating system and its "Identity Metasystem"), Sxip Identity, Identity Commons, Liberty Alliance, LID (NetMesh's Lightweight ID), and SixApart's OpenID.

More Information

More Movers and Shakers: Identity Commons and Kaliya Hamlin, Sxip Identity and Dick Hardt, the Identity Gang and Doc Searls, Microsoft's Kim Cameron, Craig Burton, Phil Windley, and Brad Fitzpatrick, to name a few." (

OpenID is at

For a critique of the assumptions of the Identity Commons movement, see the entry on Digital Identity.

Dick Hardt on Identity = Reputation, at

Dick Hardt on Identity 2.0's Design Goals, at

Kim Cameron's Identity weblog, and the Seven Laws of Identity at

Webcasts and Podcasts on Identity 2.0

Webcast: Dick Hardt at Oscon 2005 [1]

"Watch Dick deliver a compelling and dynamic introduction on Identity 2.0 and how the concept of digital identity is evolving."

Podcast at IT Conversations. Dick Hard at O'Reilly's Open Source conference, August 2005 [2]

Tim O'Reilly on Who 2.0


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