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Contextual Quote

""Ethereum’s smart-contract architecture has attracted a huge wave of would-be economic engineers, focused not on Bitcoin-style individual sovereignty, but new incentive structures they hope can foster a more balanced and healthy society. Two key examples include Glen Weyl’s "Radical Markets" theories, and the nascent “regenerative economics” discourse spearheaded by Gitcoin founder Kevin Owocki and others. It was in that context that a new Twitter account declaring itself “The Blockchain Socialist” appeared on my radar two or three years ago. An accompanying podcast welcomed truly transformative figures like artists Rhea Myers, Ethereum cofounder Amir Taaki and Sci-hub’s Alexandra Elbakyan, who saw the utility of crypto to their widely varied activist projects. The Blockchain Socialist became a nexus for discussions of American economic imperialism and the left-wing case for privacy in particular, two pillars that have helped define positions outside of crypto’s largely libertarian mainstream."

- By David Z. Morris [1]

Key Resources

See also: The Structured Bibliography on P2P and the Commons


* Socialism and the Blockchain. By Steve Huckle and Martin White. Future Internet 2016, 8(4), 49 : "...blockchain technologies are not just a Libertarian tool, they also enhance Socialist forms of governance. "



  • = Influential podcast for the progressive crypto commons community, maintained by [[Joshua Dávila\\ – aka The Blockchain Socialist. [3]