Blockchain and Value Systems in the Sharing Economy

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* Article: Blockchain and value systems in the sharing economy: The illustrative case of Backfeed. By Alex Pazaitis, Primavera De Filippi, Vasilis Kostakis. Technological Forecasting & Social Change 125 (2017) 105–115



"This article explores the potential of blockchain technology in enabling a new system of value that will better support the dynamics of social sharing. Our study begins with a discussion of the evolution of value perceptions in the history of economic thought. Starting with a view on value as a coordination mechanism that defines meaningful action within a certain context, we associate the price system with the establishment of capitalism and the industrial economy. We then discuss its relevance to the information economy, exhibited as the technoeconomic context of the sharing economy, and identify new modalities of value creation that better reflect the social relations of sharing.

Through the illustrative case of Backfeed, a new system of value is envisioned, comprising three layers:

(a) production of value;

(b) record of value; and

(c) actualisation of value.

In this framework, we discuss the solutions featured by Backfeed and describe a conceptual economic model of blockchain-based decentralised cooperation. We conclude with a tentative scenario for blockchain technology that can enable the creation of commons-oriented ecosystems in a sharing economy." (