James Muldoon on Platform Socialism and Web3

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Podcast via https://theblockchainsocialist.com/platform-socialism-and-web3/


“For this episode I spoke to James Muldoon (@james_muldoon_), a researcher at Autonomy in the UK, senior lecturer at University of Exeter, and author of the book Platform Socialism , coming out with Pluto Press on January 20th. You may have seen that I also reviewed Platform Socialism on my site so check that out as well if you want to know more about my thoughts and why I recommend it for those interested in DAOs. During the interview we cover the history of how Big Tech platforms have gotten away with selling us a non-existent utopia, an alternative framework for building platforms, and some of the solutions he proposes in the book. We also dig into Guild Socialism and have a candid discussion about DAOs and web3.”