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This page is a WikiNode, a wiki page that tells you how a wiki relates to other wikis. See the WikiNodesProject on for more information.
Cette page est un WikiNode, une page wiki qui vous dit comment un wiki est en rapport avec d'autres wikis. Voir le ProjetWikiNodes sur taoriver pour plus d'informations.

wiki-nodes of our neighbors

See also the entry on the Commons Network.

Open designs for appropriate technology: a living library of appropriate technology, sustainability and development.
Breaking Ranks
", which focuses on fighting rankism (a way to look at the abuse of power which includes bullying)."
"Meta Collab is an open research, meta collaboration (a collaboration on collaboration) with the aim to explore the similarities and differences in the nature, methods and motivations of collaboration across any and every field of human endeavour." Maintained by Mark Elliot.
Open Business Models WikiHive
International wiki collective based around exploring and applying Open Business practices
Open Digital Village
Assists ICT-enabled local villages in Africa
Open Everything
One of big Everything goals is to map what people are doing with 'open' around the world.
Open Views
Interviews with luminaries of the open/free, participatory, and commons-oriented movements, by Sundar Raman at KRUU FM Radio
Uplift Academy Wiki
A project of Tom Munnecke.
Integral Review
Project by Tom Murray.

wiki-nodes de nos voisins

  1. La Fabrique du Future
  2. Intercoop


  1. Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC)
  2. CoForum wiki, German Wiki about all aspects of cooperation.
  3. Commons Creation, UK-based initiatve by Josef Davies-Coates et al, to create common land trusts, ecovillages, complementary currency systems etc...

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