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Jeff Buderer:

" The Internet is providing us with new tools for innovating and enabling alternative financial and communications and collaboration systems that enable us to operate in more self sufficent ways. Yet rather than independence the idea of that of mutuality, knowledge exchange between cultures and communities and interdependence.

Now the struggle is how to organize, categorize and document the various approaches and consider how training centers can be developed to enable rapid dissimination and harmonization of these P2P approaches.

OVF in terms of seeking more holistic approaches to development is seeking to develop an investment model that supports an alternative economy that includes the effective use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to promote what we term more sustainable approaches to development. The term we use is EcoLiving - that is a way of living and prosperity that is in harmony with the earth. To promote the concept of EcoLiving we have taken the first step in setting up the first of what is hopefully several telecenters in Africa which are called Open Digital Villages. The plan is to develop these Telecenters into a franchise to support the incorporation of P2P approaches, technologies and models as appropriate and relevant to the needs of each community. The larger plan is to establish Multipurpose Community & Unity Centers as part of a effort to create a global effort to promote EcoLiving.”

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