Sundar Raman

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Sundar Raman is the producer and interviewer of the recommended series of podcasted interviews from KRUU-FM radio, called Open Views.


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Sundar Raman about his motivations in starting the program:

"After completing a degree in engineering, I spent the next ten years working at multiple corporate technology gigs; the last position being a Wireless System Architect at UTStarcom. After exposure to the amazing world of open source projects I decided to quit the lack luster corporate culture and head off to see what other possibilities the world might hold - starting in Myanmar and the north-east border states in India.

When the opportunity to host a radio show for a new community radio station (KRUU) came along, I just HAD to make it about Free Culture. Hence Open Views was born. Now what began as a way to promote the ideas of Free and Open Source Stuff has become nothing short of an amazing educational experience for me every week."