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= Social entrepreneur; writer; speaker; organiser



"Josef Davies-Coates is a researcher, writer, speaker, workshop leader, event producer, permaculture designer and founder of United Diversity; a cooperative dedicated to empowering people, building community, developing co-operatives and creating commons.

He plays an active role in the FairShares Association for multi-stakeholder co-operation in member-owned social enterprises and is an Associate of the P2P Foundation. He previously served on the Board of Co-operatives London and was recently invited to speak to the Greater London Authority's Regeneration team on the role of co-operatives in regeneration.

He regularly consults and advises co-operative and community enterprise start-ups on organisational design, legal structures, crowdfunding and community shares, and as co-founder of The Open Co-op was part of organising team for the Open 2017: Platform Cooperatives event in London, UK in February 2017."

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