Par Cum Pari

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  • Essay: Par Cum Pari. Notes on the Horizontality of Peer to Peer Relationships in the Context of the Verticality of a Hierarchy of Values. Michel Bauwens. In: Pursuing the Common Good: How Solidarity and Subsidiarity Can Work Together. Fourteenth Plenary Session, 1-6 May 2008. Acta 14, eds Margaret S. Archer and Pierpaolo Donati. Vatican City, 2008

pp. 708.



"This essay has several aims. Firstly, we aim to offer an ethical evaluation of the emerging mode of peer production, governance and property, and see how it stacks up as an implicit or explicit expression of a number of ethical values. We will also specifically examine whether peer to peer represents an opportunity for a more complete realization of the aims of the social doctrine, in terms of its four key principles (i.e. personhood, common good, solidarity and subsidiarity)."