P2P and Planetary Futures

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* Article / chapter: Ramos, Jose, Bauwens, Michel and Vasilis Kostakis. 2016, forthcoming. “P2P and Planetary Futures” in Carslon, R. (Ed.). Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures. Berlin: Springer.

URL = https://www.academia.edu/30510942/P2P_and_Planetary_Futures_Toward_a_synthetic_theory_for_P2P_alter-_globalization_ [1]


"This chapter presents peer-to-peer theory and practice in the context of alter-globalization and planetary perspective on change. It begins through a short elicitation on peer-to-peer theory. It then synthesizes a dialogic engagement between peer-to-peer (P2P) theory and nine perspectives on planetary change: reform liberalism, post-development, relocalization, cosmopolitanism, neo-Marxism, engaged ecumenism, meta-industrial, autonomism/horizontalism, and co-evolutionary perspectives. The chapter then presents a synopsis of a ground breaking effort in the application of P2P theory, the Free Libre Open Knowledge (FLOK) project in Ecuador, which provides a concrete example of P2P as an alter-globalization practice."

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