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The P2P Lab is an independent media lab interested in interdisciplinary research on free and open-source technologies and peer-to-peer practices.

Its mission is to:

  • strive for integrative insights on the open technologies and the peer-to-peer practices.
  • provide consultancy support to organisations and institutions regarding open technologies and relevant socio-economic trends.
  • produce novel global techno-economic solutions to local problems.
  • write, edit and publish articles, reports and books in the diverse range of topics we investigate.
  • organise open events for reflection and action as well as to educate people about critical and creative tools for society-changing.

See one of the key projects for 2016-2019.

The P2P Lab is an RND and P2P Foundation spin-off.

Facilities & Equipment

In the lab you may find two open source 3D printers along with various filaments; open source micro-controllers; a library with interdisciplinary literature; sensors, etc.


P2P Lab’s members are:

P2P Lab's community of members, fellows and collaborators spans over a diverge field of international academics, researchers, activists and artists dependent on each project.

P2P Lab will gladly collaborate with communities or individuals who want to build a P2P Lab in their city inspired by the idea of solidarity franchising.