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Alekos (Alexandros) Pantazis is a core member of the P2P Lab, an interdisciplinary research collective focused on the commons, a researcher at the Ragnar Nurkse Department of Innovation and Governance, Tallinn University of Technology, and a visiting lecturer at the Master's Degree in Political Ecology, Degrowth and Environmental Justice at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He holds a PhD in Technology Governance from Tallinn University of Technology (2021), a B.Sc. (5-year-long) in environmental engineering, an M.Sc. in nautical and marine science, and a certificate of pedagogy and educational proficiency. Alekos has 20 years of involvement in international social movements, focusing on degrowth, agrarian populations and the commons. Moreover, Alekos has worked as a scientific assistant in European projects in the areas of commons, education and marine conservation. Currently, his work focuses on the convergence of convivial technologies, commons, and peer to peer education. He is participating in the COSMOLOCALISM (ERC), Smooth (H2020) and ComPra (Erasmus+) projects. Alekos speaks English, Spanish, French, and Greek.

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Peer reviewed articles

  • Pantazis, A. (2020). Teaching Commons through the Game of Musical Chairs. tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique 18 (2): 595-612. site.
  • Pantazis, A., and Meyer, M. (2020). Tools from Below: Making Agricultural Machines Convivial. The Greek Review of Social Research. text
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  • Pantazis, A., and Priavolou, C. (2017). 3D printing as a means of learning and communication: The 3Ducation project revisited. Telematics and Informatics , 34(8): 1465-1476. site text

Book chapters

  • Antoniadis, P., and Pantazis, A. (2021). P2P Learning. In O'Neil, M., Pentzold, C. & Toupin S. (Eds.), The Handbook of Peer Production (pp. 197–210). New York: Wiley-Blackwell. site text


  • Niaros, V., Pantazis, A., and Priavolou, C. (2017). The Maker Movement: Values and Principles. In: Universities, Enterprises and Maker Communities in Open Design & Manufacturing across Europe: An exploratory study (12−26). OD&M Research Report Integral.
  • FP7 research project “P2P Value”. “Best Practices for CBPP Communities & Policy Recommendations”, researching how public policies have influenced commons-based peer production (case studies: Greece and Ecuador). P2P Value, FP7-ICT-2013-10 Project: 610961. site text