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Dr. Christina Priavolou is a Core Member at the P2P Lab. She is a civil engineer (5-years BSc, University of Patras, Greece) and holds an interdisciplinary MSc in Environmental Development (National Technical University of Athens, Greece). She has a two-year experience in both private and public works. She is also member of the COSMOLOCALISM research team, coordinating the Sustainability Stream and a Research Fellow at the Ragnar Nurkse Department, TalTech.

  • Contact: christina.priavolou at


Peer reviewed articles

  • Priavolou, C. (2020), To BIM or not to BIM? Lessons learned from a Greek vernacular museum building, AIMS Environmental Science, 7(2): 192-207. site text
  • Priavolou, C. and Niaros, V. (2019), Assessing the openness and conviviality of open source technology: The case of the wikiHouse, Sustainability, 11(17): 4746. site text
  • Priavolou, C. (2018), The emergence of open construction systems: A sustainable paradigm in the construction sector?, Journal of Futures Studies, 23(2): 67-84. site text
  • Pantazis, A. and Priavolou, C. (2017), 3D printing as a means of learning and communication: The 3Ducation project revisited, Telematics and Informatics, 34(8): 1465-1476. site text


  • Niaros, V., Pantazis, A., Priavolou, C., & Martelloni, L. (2017). The maker movement: Values and principles. Prepared for the Open Design & Manufacturing project. text

Book Chapters

  • Priavolou, C. (2019). Tzoumakers - Co-creating Solutions for Agriculture. In: Armstrong, K., Diez, T., Goldapple, L., Schmidt, A., & Villum, C. (Eds.), Design, Remix, Share, Repeat: How distributed design is changing the way makers and designers approach collaboration, tools and the market (70−73). Barcelona: Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. text

Working papers

  • Deconstructing the Design Global Manufacture Local model in a building life cycle.
  • Life-Cycle Assessment of an open source 3d printer vs a commercial one: A comparative analysis.