Open O-Meter for Open Source Hardware

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"The open-O-meter is a simple scale from 0 to 8 where a product gets one point for each of the following aspects:

  • design files are published;
  • assembly instructions are published;
  • a bill of materials is published;
  • a contribution guide is published;
  • the published CAD files are in editable format;
  • the published assembly instructions are in editable format;
  • the published bill of materials is in editable format;
  • all this information is published under a license allowing commercial reuse.

It is simple:

  • if a product gets 8 points, it conforms to the best practices of open source hardware.
  • if a product gets 0 points, it does not seem to be open at all and should not be labeled as open source.
  • if a product gets between 1 and 7, it is on it's way!"


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