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"The Open Knowledge Commons is a network of librarians, universities, students, lawyers, and technologists who are working on the challenges and opportunities of building a knowledge commons.

Our activities are in two main areas: the Digital Public Library of America and the Medical Heritage Library."

"Founded in fall 2008, Open Knowledge Commons has a growing, evolving agenda. Here are some of the activities we’re working on:

  • Initiating and supporting projects to bring works to the open Internet and offer tools for their discovery and use.
  • Fostering collaboration by organizing gatherings to identify, discuss, debate and make recommendations on vital issues and policies.
  • Supporting suitable long-term digital preservation arrangements for works that have been scanned.
  • Articulating the knowledge commons vision through participation in professional and public programs.
  • Advocating public policies that advance the knowledge commons vision.
  • Arranging funding support to scan printed works for availability under appropriate terms."