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Report on the concept and what it means for the reform of the healthcare systems.



This report from the Red group, a "do tank" affiliated with the UK Design Council, provides a great look at how open systems and paltform thinking can help reframe public health. They address the serious challenges of shifting the health care paradigm from an acute care model focused on a centralized hospital system to a more distributed model that focuses on patients, self care, peer to peer support, and distributed intelligence. They support the idea of the co-creation of health, and discuss how activmobs, or welliemobs, help people manage their health and share healthy practices. This is a really nice example of how the theories and princilpes of cooperation can be applied to very important, practical, and complex challenges" ([1])

"The Wanless report advocates a shift in emphasis to a system that enables the full engagement of people in the maintenance of their own health. This engagement cannot be delivered by institutions - a new model is required. These prototypes point towards a radical new model of healthcare organisation: Open Health. Read more about how such a model might be organised, financed and measured in RED Report 01: Open Health." (

More Information

  1. The RED Co-creating Health Services report