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= OpenBRR is a Quality_Assessment_of_FOSS methodology


"The Open Business Readiness Rating model, OpenBRR, consists of a set of themes or categories each containing a set of metrics. These categories are spanning the different quality dimensions of an OpenBRR assessment. There are 27 unique and generic metrics to be applied on each types of software to be assessed by the model. In addition, functionality specific metrics have to be tailor-made for each class of software to be assessed.

A high-level view of the usage of the OpenBRR model for evaluating FOSS consists of the following three steps:

1. Creating a shortlist of candidate software to be assessed.

2. Determining the relative importance of the categories and metrics.

3. Manually obtaining the data for the metrics.

Step 1 must be performed first, by identifying one or more software candidates, while Steps 2 and 3 may be performed in any order. It is a manual process, and it aims to be complete, simple, adaptable, and consistent.

A spreadsheet template is used when creating a BRR (Business Readiness Rating)7. The spreadsheet template is the only OpenBRR tool support available. Measured data are registered in the spreadsheets and BRR scores are automatically computed based on these data." (