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http://www.microbialcommons.org unavailable in August 2008

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More Information

Special issue on the Microbial commons

(Guest editor: Tom Dedeurwaerdere) in the International Journal of the Commons Vol 4, No 1 (2010)

URL = http://www.thecommonsjournal.org/index.php/ijc/issue/view/16


  • Self-governance and international regulation of the global microbial

commons: Introduction to the special issue on the microbial commons (390-403) Tom Dedeurwaerdere

  • Governing the management and use of pooled microbial genetic resources:

Lessons from the global crop commons (404-436) Michael Halewood

  • An empirical assessment of the effects of the 1994 In Trust Agreements on

IRRI Germplasm Acquisition and Distribution (437-451) Elisabetta Gotor, Francesco Caracciolo

  • Crop improvement in the CGIAR as a global success story of open access and

international collaboration (452-480) Derek Byerlee, H.J. Dubin

  • Public or private economies of knowledge: The economics of diffusion and

appropriation of bioinformatics tools (481-506) Mark Harvey, Andrew McMeekin

  • A common basis for facilitated legitimate exchange of biological materials

proposed by the European Culture Collections' Organisation (507-527) Dagmar Fritze

Designing the Microbial Research Commons workshop

  • Proposal for a Microbial Semi-Commons: Perspectives from the International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups 129-136 [1]
  • The Microbial Commons: Journals and Professional Societies 165-168 [3]
  • Microbial Commons: Overview of the Governance Considerations - A Framework for Discussion 169-176 [4]
  • International Developments: A Context for theCreation of a Microbiology Commons 185-190 [5]
  • Options for Governing the Microbial Commons 191-200 [6]