Measuring Value in the Commons-Based Ecosystem

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  • Essay: Measuring Value in the Commons-Based Ecosystem: Bridging the Gap Between the Commons and the Market. By Primavera De Filippi and Samer Hassan. MoneyLab Reader, 2014



"Commons-based peer-production (CBPP) constitutes today an important driver for innovation and cultural development, both online and offline. This led to the establishment of an alternative, Commons-based ecosystem, based on peer-production and collaboration of peers contributing to a common good. Yet, to the extent that this operates outside of the market economy, we cannot rely on traditional market mechanisms (such as pricing) to estimate the value of CBPP. We present here a system - which we will name Sabir - that can resolve some of the most recurrent problems encountered within CBPP communities.

The Sabir system is composed of three layers that will help us:

(1) Understanding the social value - as opposed to market value - of different CBPP communities, so as to compare them to one another.

(2) Identifying the value generated by individuals contributing to the Commons and evaluating it through a common denominator of value.

(3) Creating an interface between the market and the CBPP ecosystem so that the two can interact, and benefit from each other."

More Information

  • De Filippi, P. (2014). Translating Commons-based Peer Production values into metrics: towards Commons--based Crypto-Currencies, in Lee Kuo Chen D. (ed.), The Handbook of Cryptocurrency. Elsevier