Jeff Emmett and Michael Zargham on Using Commons Stack for Decentralized Organizations and Token Economies

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"This was a one-hour presentation on the theme of decentralized organizations, what they are, and how to build them with an example from the Commons Stack project. The presentation was lead by Jeff Emmett (Token Engineering Researcher at the Commons Stack) and Michael Zargham (Complex Systems Scientist & Architect, CEO and founder of BlockScience)

After talking generally about what decentralized organizations and economies and tokens are Jeff and Michael illustrate the concepts in practice by talking about the workings of the Commons Stack project. Commons Stack builds "commons-based microeconomies to sustain public goods through incentive alignment, continuous funding and community governance... putting effective new tools in the hands of communities, enabling them to raise and allocate shared funds, make transparent decisions, and monitor their progress in supporting the Commons."

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