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"The Integral Science Institute is a collaborative learning organization whose mission it to develop the scientific foundation, intellectual vision and fractal social organization needed to support a robust, sustainable and collaborative learning civilization.

This mission is founded in the belief that a collaborative learning civilization – that is, having a world who’s citizens are equal partners in improving and sustaining our global life conditions – is the key to solving society’s most threatening problems.

Our work focuses on four areas:

  • Develop and disseminate the Integral scientific ideas from leading researchers across disciplines (see Scientific Advisory Board).
  • Develop and disseminate related human applications in Education, Medicine, Economics, Sustainability, and Organizational Learning.
  • Provide Collaborative Culture Courses designed for Individuals, Organizations, and Leaders who are interested in implementing new ideas for growth, productivity, and success
  • Facilitating the creation of Learning Networks whereby researchers, leaders, and creatives in different disciplines come together to share their resources and ideas for solving problems."

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