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"DR. SALLY J. GOERNER (MS, Ph.D., Ph.D.) is the director and co-founder of the Integral Science Institute, a non-profit research and educational center dedicated to developing the applications of Integral Science for human systems fields such as education, business, medicine, economics, and sustainability.

With advanced degrees and professional experience in computer science/engineering, nonlinear dynamics, and psychology, Dr. Goerner's specialty is showing how major social, scientific, economic, and political crises and alternatives building in our time are all part of one common evolutionary transition, the movement from Modern to Integral society and from a mechanistic to a "web" worldview. She has spent the last 15 years working with a researchers from many fields to fuse the facets of Integral Science into a single, common-sense framework that can help clarify and unify the cultural, organizational and content reform efforts already underway in various endeavors. During this time she has lectured extensively throughout Europe, the United States and Japan on how the integral framework provides a solid, unifying understanding capable of crystallizing the shift from crumbling, Modern nation-states to a more intelligent and sustainable Global Integral civilization.

Dr. Goerner is on the scientific advisory council of the European Academy of Evolution Research (Berlin), a member of the General Evolution Research Group, and past-president and co-founder of the Society for Chaos Theory in the Life Sciences, she has authored over 50 articles and two books, After the Clockwork Universe: The Emerging Science and Culture of Integral Society (1999), and Chaos and the Evolving Ecological Universe (1994). Two more books are in also press: The Coming Great Change in Education (2006) and Sustainability as the Cutting Edge of Great Change (2007).

Less formally, Dr. Goerner is best thought of as scientific missionary devoted to helping smooth the social transition to the Integral Age by providing those already struggling with great change in business, education, health, community etc. a solid foundation and a clear vision of how their fragments of reform fit within a larger picture of what we need to do survive as a civilization."

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