Fourteen Design Principles for DIY Production

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* Article / Conference Paper: Design Principles for Do-It-Yourself Production. By Jérémy Bonvoisin, Jahnavi Krishna Galla and Sharon Prendeville. International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing. SDM 2017: Sustainable Design and Manufacturing 2017 pp 77-86



"The increasing access of people to fabrication capabilities has stimulated the emergence of personal fabrication settings and inspired post-industrial production scenarios. One strategy to support personal production is to increase technology literacy and access for citizens to means of production. Yet, so far, the deliberate design of products so they can be realized by individuals, an activity termed here as “design for do-it-yourself (DIY) production”, has been under-explored in academia. The present article aims to formalize the know-how gained by practitioners who designed products for production in do-it-yourself settings. It provides an original definition of DIY and the formulation of 14 design principles for DIY production to support practice."

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