Formatting Multimedia Contributions to the Wiki

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Introduction to Formatting Multimedia Contributions

This wiki is fairly bursting at the seems with multi-media items. Doing a little bit of formatting can make these items so much easier for our readers to enjoy. If you are editing your first for 1000th addition these formatting tips can be helpful to you.

Categories of Multimedia

Currently there are categories on the site for a number of different types of Media. These categories are all part of the "Multimedia Directory." Here's how the categories are integrated into the category structure:

Some of these will likely change in the near future because of the fact that adding additional distinction for Fiction-Books or Documentary-Movies becomes more and more important as the number of pages in thee categories grows. Indeed, when a category has over 200 sub-elements it no longer displays them all for quick perusal, forcing the user to access additional pages or to search for the item instead.

Formatting Your Article

  1. Title
  2. Type of media and Title on the first line (bolded)
  3. Description. Official description if such a thing exists along with a link to that description (
  4. P2P Concepts. A place to point at the particular P2P aspects of the work.
  5. Reviews. A review if you feel like adding one.
  6. More Information Section heading
    1. Internal Links - links to related concepts and pages on the wiki, as well as links to authors who have pages on the wiki
    2. External links - relist the links to the media, offsite, if any. Also links to the pages of the author, offsite, if any. Sometimes a link to purchase the media if it exists.

Adding Personal Information

If you decide to add a review you can of course sign it. If you are commenting on particular P2P aspects of the film then a signature is not necessary, but this content should be placed in the P2P Concepts section.