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The DTA is a network of community practitioners. We help people set up development trusts, and we help existing trusts learn from each other and work effectively. We also influence government and others at national and local level, to build support and investment for our movement.

We are aiming for a successful development trust in every community. There are now over 450 development trusts in our membership, in both urban and rural areas. While many are still small, others are operating at scale: the combined income is over £275m and development trusts have £565m of assets in community ownership. (

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The Community Shares programme
One year on : This report provides a summary of the findings from the first year of the Community Shares Programme, a two-year action-research project funded by the Office of the Third Sector and the Department for Communities and Local Government working in partnership with the Development Trusts Association and Co-operativesUK
Trust in Communities
a manifesto from the Development Trusts Association. The DTA's manifesto outlines our five key pledges for the community enterprise movement and our call on government to support the work of development trusts and other community enterprises.
A History of Community Asset Ownership
Written by Steve Wyler, Director of the DTA, this publication provides a concise history of community asset ownership in the UK, an idea that has been in existence in the uk for hundreds of years.
Bearing Fruit
Good practice in asset-based rural community development. Development Trusts Association with Carnegie UK Trust (Sept 2008).
Community Share and Bond Issues
Development Trusts Association (2007). This publication explains how community organisations can use share and bond issues as a source of funding.