Darwin and the Battle for 21st Century Mind

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* Article: Darwin and the Battle for 21st Century Mind

URL = http://www.davidloye.com/documents/DarwinandtheBattlefor21stCenturyMindarticle_004.pdf

Darwin's work was really centered on cooperation and the evolution of civilisation, a fact obscured by the use of Darwinism by the dominator mindset.


David Loye:

"An article based on a talk I gave to the Science, Wisdom, and the Future conference in San Luis Obispo, June 28, 2009. Makes the case for use by evolutionary activists of my new trilogy (Revolution and Counter Revolution, The Battle of the Books, and Up Against the Paradigm), plus Bankrolling Evolution and Measuring Evolution, plus the Global Sounding and the Global Sounding Moral Code to go up against the Glacier of Domination and build the better world." (http://www.davidloye.com/links.html)

Interview\:What did Darwin really say?”

From, INTEGRAL REVIEW December 2008 Vol. 4, No. 2

David Loye, interviewed by Russ Volckman:

I discovered to my astonishment that the bulk of the people working in the field of evolution had only read Darwin from secondary sources. They were simply aping what they were told beginning early in the 20th century was Darwin. But the neo-Darwinians took Darwin and reduced him. It was a neo-Darwinian reduction that took hold of science and also strengthened that whole disastrous “survival of the fittest” orientation in society, particularly in politics and economics, with this diminished picture of Darwin. I discovered that what Darwin was actually saying is that it’s natural selection and variation—he didn’t say “random variation”—working and he apologized for using the phrase “survival of the fittest” which he got from Wallace.

Russ: Essentially at that point in his work, he was talking about sub-human species, was he not?

David: Yes, primarily he was talking about what set the whole thing in motion prior to human development. In the opening of the Descent of Man he tells us he’s now moving on to look at human evolution. What happens at our level?

What they ignored is that in Descent of Man he writes only twice about survival of the fittest and apologizes once for using the phrase. But he writes 95 times about love and 92 times about moral sensitivity. What he is saying is that at the human level, the prime

drivers are moral sensitivity. I dug further into it and discovered that not only did he flesh

out a later theory of exactly how moral evolution developed stage by stage, but that was all ignored. I’ve never seen it tracked in the way Darwin intended except in my own work. It was just astounding." (http://integral-review.org/documents/Volckmann%20Interview%20Loye,%20Vol.%204%20No.%202.pdf)