Cosmo-Localization and Leadership For the Future

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* Article: Cosmo-Localization And Leadership For The Future. By Jose Ramos. Journal of Futures Studies, June 2017, 21(4): 65-84



"This paper explores questions of leadership in navigating the futures of material production from the point of view of the open source and peer-to-peer movement. It puts forward the idea of cosmolocalization, which in basic terms sees a new production logic emerging from the advent of a global design commons coupled to new manufacturing technologies that democratize production. The study first uses the futures triangle to map the various factors at play. It then brings together the thinking of P.R. Sarkar and Michel Bauwens, exploring questions of leadership in the development of this new model. The study ends with three brief scenarios, drawing on the scenario logic developed by Johan Galtung, that proposes potential future states based on the resolution of critical contradictions."


On Cosmo-Localism

Jose Ramos:

"In very basic terms cosmo-localism describes the dynamic potentials of our emerging globally distributed knowledge and design commons in conjunction with the emerging (high and low tech) capacity for localized production of value. It exists today in many quickly maturing forms such as FarmHack1 and L'Atelier Paysan,2 communities that manufacture their own farm equipment, AbilityMate, a company that supports people with disabilities to design and manufacture their own prosthetics and assistive devices,3 Wikihouse, a foundation which supports people to design and build sustainable housing,4 RepRap, an open source organization that designs 3D printers designed to replicate themselves,5 and OSvehicle, a company that supports the open source manufacture of vehicles. Cosmo-localism takes place when easily accessible designs are paired with localized and distributed production capabilities using new breakthrough technologies that facilitate local manufacture / production."

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